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Volume 4, Issue 2
  • Published: June 30, 2021
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New Progress of China's Integrated Circuit Design Industry
Keywords:IC industry; Integrated Circuit Design Market
Issue 2: 21040203, 2021 | PDF
Research Article
Published: June 30, 2021
Abstract: China's IC industry has been flourishing in recent years, huge market demand together with government investments are the major driving forces for this development. The status and development momen...
Improvement of Environment Stability of an i-Line Chemically Amplified Photoresist
Authors: Haibo Li, Qian Yang, Jia Sun et al.
Keywords:Chemical amplification;thick film;i-Line;environment stability;Poly (p-hydroxyl styrene);PAB;PEB
Issue 2: 21040201, 2021 | PDF
Research Article
Abstract: An i-Line chemically amplified (ICA) thick film positive resist is reported in this paper. The impact of process conditions on photoresist performance was investigated. Pre-apply bake temperature a...
Patterning with Organized Molecules
Authors: Mark Neisser
Institution:Tan Kah Kee Innovation Laboratory
Keywords:Stochastics;Self-assembly;overlay;edge placement error;self-organizing;DNA origami;bottle brush polymers
Issue 2: 21040202, 2021 | PDF
Research Article
Published: Aug. 9, 2021
Abstract: Decades of progress in the semiconductor industry has led to lithographically printed dimensions that are small enough that the positions of individual molecules and the stochastic variation in the...