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Laser-Driven Light Sources for Nanometrology Applications
Authors: Huiling Zhu, Paul Blackborow
Institution:Energetiq Technology, Inc, ., 7, Constitution Way, Woburn
Volume 2, Issue 1: 19020104, 2019 | PDF
Research Article
Published: March 27, 2019
Abstract: Laser-driven light sources (LDLS) have ultrahigh-brightness and broad wavelength range. They are ideal radiation sources for optical metrology tools for advanced process control in semiconductor ma...
Preparation of Double-sided Nanostructure Based on Soft-nanoimprinting Lithography
Authors: Man Zhang, Qiling Deng, Hui Pang et al.
Institution:Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Keywords:Double-sided nanostructure, elastic substrate, soft-nanoimprinting lithography, metal layer.
Volume 1, Issue 2: 18010201, 2018 | PDF
Research Article
Published: Dec. 12, 2018
Abstract: Double-sided nanostructure has more excellent properties in high efficiency, high yield, and high capability devices, which becomes the attention spots in nanofabrication technology. We proposed a ...
Nitridation-Etch of Silicon Oxide in Fluorocarbon/Nitrogen Plasma: A Computational Study
Authors: Du Zhang, Yu-Hao Tsai, Hojin Kim et al.
Institution:TEL Technology Center, America, LLC, 255, Fuller Road, Suite, 214, Albany
Keywords:3D-NAND;oxide;nitride;oxynitride;plasma etch;molecular dynamics;quantum chemistry
Volume 2, Issue 1: 19020103, 2019 | PDF
Research Article
Abstract: The continually increasing number of silicon oxide (SiO2) and nitride (Si3N4) layers in 3D-NAND offers both motivations and challenges for developing all-in-one pla...
Patterning Defect Study for Process Integration Engineering Using Pattern Fidelity Monitoring with Review SEM Images
Authors: Yu Zhang, Abhishek Vikram, Ming Tian et al.
Institution:Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corp, ., Pudong District, Shanghai
Keywords:Die-to-database Pattern Monitor;After Develop Inspection (ADI);After Etch Inspection (AEI);SEM Review;CDSEM;pattern centric;pattern monitor
Volume 2, Issue 2: 19020203, 2019 | PDF
Research Article
Published: June 28, 2019
Abstract: Normally the optical wafer inspection tools are used for advanced process control in high volume manufacturing of semiconductor devices. The SEM Review is done for limited sample of inspection defe...
EUV Lithography: State-of-the-Art Review
Authors: Nan Fu, Yanxiang Liu, Xiaolong Ma et al.
Institution:HiSilicon Technologies Co, ., Ltd, Shanghai
Keywords:EUV lithography;EUV review;mask 3D;line edge roughness;EUV light source
Volume 2, Issue 2: 19020202, 2019 | PDF
Research Article
Published: June 19, 2019
Abstract: Although several years delayed than its initial plan, extreme UV lithography (EUVL) with 13.5nm wavelength has been finally implemented into high volume manufacture (HVM) of mainstream semiconducto...